Case Constructions

CAS-Caseman Alumunium Series

Welded aluminum cases are lighter, stronger and more cost effective to manufacture than ever before. CAS (Caseman Aluminum Series) protective cases are reusable, repairable and at the end of service completely recyclable.

  • Aluminum is not affected by extreme heat
  • Aluminum is very strong and resistant to impacts
  • Aluminum’s long-term sustainability is its greatest strength

Case Features:

  • Drop Testing – Mil-Std-810 and ASTMD880-92 test method
  • Water resistant – per ASTM D951-99 standard testing
  • Repetitive Shock – in accordance with requirements set forth the ASTM D999-01 test method for vibration testing

Rack Features:

  • Frame rails for aluminum racks are EIA compliant
  • Shock mount weight bearing capacities up to 450 lbs
  • Fully welded corners
  • Durable powder coat finish in choice of color
  • Neoprene rubber seal keeps out harmful moisture and dust

Composite GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastic) Cases

Composite cases are manufactured from strong glass mat thermoplastic composite material. GMT’s extreme stiffness, lightweight and high-impact absorbing qualities have made it the material of choice for impact absorbing automotive components and now for cases.


  • Recessed hardware
  • Lightweight yet extremely stiff and strong to absorb high impact
  • Optimum Sway for 40-80G
  • Sizes 3U to 14U
  • Watertight protection from moisture salt spray,sand and dust


Fabricated cases are made from ABS, fiberglass or aluminum laminate covered plywood, using custom foam inserts designed to meet your specifications. Custom fabricated casesoffer an endless selection of sizes as they are built around your equipment, making the search for the perfect case size easy and affordable.

Features :

  • Sizeable list of optional hardware such as removeable caster storage, steel stacking ball corners, recessed and butterfly latches
  • Design options include roll-in ramps, double entry, reverse app and telescoping lids

Plastic (Rotomold, Injection Molded, Blow Molded)

Hard molded plastic cases provide strength and are shock and water resistant making them a favorite with military and industrial applications. Plastic shipping cases are available in a variety of materials such as polyethelene, ABS and styrene and made with several common methods of formation, such as rotomolded, injection molded, blow molded and thermoformed.

Rotomold Features:

  • Corners and edges molded 15-20% thicker than flat surfaces
  • Seam-free shell increases watertightness
  • Cannot be peeled, scraped or scratched away, chemical resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Very rugged, virtually indestructible
  • Brand Examples: Hardigg, Amazon, SKB

Advanced Injection Molded Features:

  • Waterproof, dustproof
  • Impact resistant
  • Strong, rounded corners
  • Recyclable
  • Very rugged, virtually indestructible
  • Brand Examples: Pelican-Storm, Pelican, SKB

Blow Molded Features:

  • Hi density PE construction
  • Double wall construction
  • Customizable molded interior
  • Cost effective for samples, tools & instruments
  • Lightweight, recyclable, chemical resistant
  • Custom colors and logos
  • Brand Examples: BMP, Flambeau, Western

Thermoformed Features:

  • Easily customizable options
  • Height adjustable (during manufacturing)
  • Optional water/air tight
  • Brand Examples: Bel-Air, Platt, SKB

Manufacture Comparison Chart